I am a relatively early adopter in the energy/sustainability space and have been driving an EV since 2013, initially a Chevy/Holden Volt with 80km range (and petrol range extension) and more recently a Tesla Model 3 (standard range plus). While we need much more focus on non-car solutions (public transport, cycling etc) the electrification of the transport sector is essential.

Our biggest trip so far is from Adelaide to the Sunshine Coast via Broken Hill/Wilcannia/Cobar. Due to the lack of charging infrastructure this is not for the faint-hearted. Here is our car shown in regional NSW, charging at one of the fantastic NRMA highway chargers.

The roof box does significantly reduce range. I tried facing it backwards (as suggested elsewhere) but didn't see a noticeable improvement in range.

This practical experience helps us with our consulting work in the electric vehicle space which encompasses vehicle selection, charging infrastructure, cost-benefit analysis and education.

If you would like advice on how to transition your fleet of cars, we can help build a business case and recommend appropriate vehicle selection. Feel free to contact me at

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